Kelly Rose Bradford

Kelly is an experienced journalist and broadcaster, writing for most of the UK daily newspapers and national magazines. She is an accomplished public speaker and a regular on television and radio, commenting on family, parenting (particularly single parents), education, women’s issues and current affairs (not to mention sex and relationships, dogs, vegetarianism and why men should never wear polo-neck jumpers).

Private Eye’s Street of Shame pages celebrated her ability to turn any aspect of her life into a story, whilst editors and colleagues have variously described her as a ‘witty, smart and fantastic observational writer’, ‘always confident in her opinions, she can be counted on to write first person pieces that show both her considerable intelligence and the fire in her belly’, and someone who ‘has a unique voice within journalism and successfully combines wit and verve with thoroughly researched, highly readable articles’.

Kelly also offers a media consultancy service for public relations companies, press offices and small businesses who want to get more press coverage or who need help with formulating PR campaigns. She also undertakes case study interviews and write ups on behalf of PRs, charities and corporate clients, and offers various copywriting services.